Trimegah Bangun Persada

Safe Operational Procedure


Our activities in the Obi Industrial Estate are carried out with good and responsible principles and practices and prioritize aspects of Occupational Safety and Health. Safe work operations for the workforce, the environment, and society are one of our priorities in ensuring sustainable operations.

Sgs iso 45001 ukas tcl hr

Cert. No: ID23/00000054

Occupational Safety and Health management activities have 2 main focuses. 

1. Fulfillment of Mining Safety Rules and Regulations
  1. Mineral Mining Safety Management System Compliance & Internal Audit
  2. Employment Training
  3. Competence test
  4. Workplace inspection and hygiene
2. Risk-Based Control Program Through Global Standards Approach
  1. Implementation of Integrated HSE Management System
  2. Implementation of Safety Management System process (HAZOPS, HAZID, PSSR)
  3. Covid-19 Examination and Screening
  4. Emergency training through the involvement of the local community

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