Trimegah Bangun Persada

Health Program

The health factor of the local community is also a major concern for us. Considering that rural communities are far from access to health facilities in the city, we bring medical experts to the village to provide counseling and treatment for those in need. Pregnant women, infants and toddlers are also targets for preventing maternal mortality and preventing stunting and malnutrition for infants and toddlers.

Free Health Service

We realize that every society has the right to get equal and adequate health services. We provide assistance with medical equipment for the local health centers to support operations and improve service quality for the surrounding community. In collaboration with local hospitals and health centers, the community also gets further screening and treatment based on clinical diagnoses made by a joint medical team.

Posyandu Service

Vaccination is a mandatory health service provided to children, especially infants and toddlers. In collaboration with the government, we support the infrastructure and activities of the local health centers dedicated to child health development (Posyandu) as a means of immunization and vaccination for children. In addition, hundreds of babies also receive additional nutritional intake to help children's intellectual, mental, physical and emotional growth in the context of preventing stunting and malnutrition. In addition, Posyandu also organizes mother's classes as education for pregnant and lactating women as well as monitoring the health of pregnant and obstetric women.

Handling Covid-19

To assist the government in suppressing the spread of Covid-19, we have implemented PCR tests and quarantine for residents and employees who often move in and out of the Kawasi Village area and provide assistance in the form of PPE, masks, and hand sanitizers. In addition, we also provide sea transportation for residents who need quick handling to facilitate the evacuation process.

Corporate Clinic Support

We facilitate public health services from the initial screening process to clinical diagnosis carried out by a team of medical professionals. Our concern for people's health aims to raise the standard of living to a better level. The company's clinic is open for emergency public health care that cannot be handled by health facilities in the village through the availability of doctors and medical personnel, facilities and medicines needed by patients.

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