Trimegah Bangun Persada

Economic Program

Economic independence is a goal that we strive for with the community. We strive to optimize various potentials for sustainable benefits. We run an inclusive economic development program without barriers; involving various professions regardless of gender with the aim of creating an independent rural community.

Akelamo Jaya Women's Farmer Group

Kawasi Village women who are members of the Akelamo Jaya Farmers Group are increasingly empowered by the horticultural agricultural assistance program. Increased knowledge and skills enable them to carry out intensive cultivation and produce high economic value vegetable commodities. The products produced include mustard greens, kale, long beans, cabbage, spinach, chili, pumpkin, and eggplant. In addition to being marketed around the village, the group's harvest is also absorbed by the company for the needs of the employee cafeteria.

MSME Development

Not only farming, Kawasi Village women also work through various MSME products. They receive assistance starting from training on production, packaging, and marketing of various culinary products within the company area. The open market opportunities of the company make their products can be well absorbed. In addition, the Ramadan Takjil Festival which is held at the company every year makes sales of MSME products increase high.

Empowering Women Through HOP Mart & Nyala Cafe

Kawasi Village women are empowered by the creation of increased business skills and income. The HOP Mart group is able to generate income for its group members. The minimarket which is located within the company's area sells various products, including the products of the MSME group. Diversification is carried out by establishing a new business unit called Nyala Cafe, serving a variety of food and beverages, Nyala Cafe is also able to increase group turnover and become a favorite place for employees to enjoy various food and beverage offerings.

Obi Food Security Center (Sentani)

The agricultural program does not only take place in Kawasi Village, but also extends to Buton Village and Akegula Village. In both villages, we assisted 4 farmer groups and 2 village-owned enterprises to produce rice and watermelon. Through this program, villages on Obi Island are expected to be food independent and become quality producers to meet every market demand. The group's production of rice and watermelon is also bridged by us to be absorbed by company partners to meet the needs of the employee cafeteria

Local Supplier

We foster communities around the company's area to be independent in the economic sector. Currently, there are 48 local entrepreneurs who supply basic ingredients from the community. We provide assistance in structuring the organization, business patterns, and optimizing the products supplied. The number of local suppliers is also increasing as the company grows. The involvement of local entrepreneurs to support the company's value chain aims to share multiple values between us and the surrounding community.

Village Economic Responsibility Business House

The women of Soligi Village are accompanied in the process of growing soybeans to processing the harvest in the form of tempeh. The flagship product of the Soligi Village MSME continues to increase in number in meeting the needs of consumers, especially companies. The independence of Soligi Village women continues to be strengthened, through various efforts to increase knowledge and skills so as to create increased income for Soligi Village women.

Salam Kawasi

The community can learn about farming and agriculture through the Salam Kawasi program. This program includes an introduction to cultivation techniques, modern agribusiness technologies, and business analysis. Professional mentors are involved in this program. In addition, adequate facilities and infrastructure also increase the effectiveness of the learning program. Salam Kawasi is a community learning center in progressive and sustainable agriculture.

Kawasi Fishery

Community empowerment also optimizes water resources. We assist the community in cultivating freshwater fishes and optimizing netted fisheries yields. The assistance is also equipped with the provision of low temperature storage rooms, fishing vessels, ship engines, and opening market access.

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