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Reclamation and Reforestation


When opening a mining area, TBP stores the soil used as a cover at the end of the overburden. This soil is useful as a medium for vegetation growth and able to increase the ability of plantation media on the waste rock. Along with mining activities, we also conduct reclamation and revegetation on mining areas that are no longer used for smelter and refinery facilities. This activity is carried out as soon as possible to prevent erosion, maintain the stability of the mine slope structure, reshape the structure and diversity of the vegetation as before mining, and support the formation of certain plant species that play an important role in restoring wildlife habitat.

A reforestation program is also carried out in the operational area of the saprolite nickel smelter and nickel limonite processing & refining for maintaining local biodiversity.

The need of seeds for mine land reclamation and reforestation comes from the company's nursery with several types of fast-growing plants, local species, and fruit trees, including eucalyptus, jabon merah, mahogany, and lemongrass.

TBP also conducts surveys on the diversity of flora and fauna in the mining and factory areas, both by internal employees and involving academicians. The results of independent academic monitoring in 2021 discovered the presence of wild animals in several project areas, especially birds and reptiles. The presence of these animals indicates that the biodiversity around the project area is maintained. 

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