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Audit Committee

Audit Committee Duties and Responsibilities:

The Audit Committee acts independently in carrying out its duties and responsibilities, which include the following activities:

  1. Reviewing the financial information that will be issued by the Company to the public and/or authorities, including financial reports, projects, and other reports related to the Company's financial information, including compliance with accounting standards and policies in the preparation process;
  2. Conducting a review of compliance with laws and regulations related to the Company's activities;
  3. Encouraging the establishment of an adequate internal control system in the company’s management, by evaluating and providing recommendations regarding the improvement of the Company's internal control system and its implementation.
  4. Reviewing the quality of work and independence of the Internal and External Auditor.
  5. Reviewing the level of adequacy of Management's efforts in following up the recommendations from the results of supervision by regulators such as the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) or other supervision regulators;
  6. Reviewing the risk management and GCG implementation activities carried out by the Company;
  7. Reviewing complaints by stakeholders against the Company, including those related to the Company's accounting and financial reporting processes, as well as other matters which are deemed important by the Board of Commissioners;
  8. Reviewing and providing advice to the Board of Commissioners regarding the Company’s potential interest conflict;
  9. Maintaining the confidentiality of Company documents, data, and information; and
  10. Carrying out the Board of Commissioners’ other duties related to the roles and responsibilities of a Board of Commissioners.
Audit Committee Members:
Darjoto Setyawan

Chairman of the Committee

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Toni Setioko

Member of Audit Committee

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Tsun Tien Wen Lie

Member of Audit Committee

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