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The Journey We Started for The Country

The Journey We Started for The Country

Obi Island has one of the largest nickel natural resources in Indonesia, apart from Sulawesi. Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP) was mandated to implement the National Strategic Project – Obi Industrial Estate and become the face of Indonesia in the development of the Eastern region, precisely on Obi Island.

Our operations are supported by the capabilities of the Indonesians who are able to work by applying environmentally friendly technology.

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Nickel Use from the Land of Obi

Nickel has an important role to support daily needs and human civilization.

Stainless Steel Production

A mixture of stainless steel is commonly used in household appliances because of its rust resistance.

Steel Mixture

Used in building construction materials and railroads, the steel and nickel mixture prevents easy rusting and is sturdy.

Automotive Industry

Used on bumpers, velg and exhausts, frames, and other small parts. The nickel mixture makes it look shiny, and sturdy and prevents easy rusting.

Battery Industry

As a basic material for rechargeable batteries and an important component of electric vehicle batteries.

Coin Production

Nickel's anti-rust and sturdy properties made many countries use nickel-based coins, including Indonesia's nickel-based Rp1,000 note in 2010.

Other Benefits

As the electronic components and spacecraft protective materials.

We Strive to Provide the Best for the Nation

TBP will continue to bring innovation through the application of technology by prioritizing the spirit of working for the country.

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Our Commitment on Sustainability

Sustainability is our principle in setting strategies, business goals and operations that we uphold for the sake of contributing to the country.

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Growing With Us

TBP is committed to providing sustainable development in East Indonesia. Let's work together by making the best contribution to the country.

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